Who we are, what we do and why!

We know that 49% of year 1 and 43% of year 7 pupils have such limited vocabulary that it affects their learning, according to a recent Oxford University Press report: The ‘Word-Gap’. We believe a reward-driven app is perfectly placed to bridge this word gap and boost life chances.

Developed by leading experts, the ChatterStars app uses question styles which target rapid vocabulary acquisition, through kinaesthetic use of repetition, image, sound and reward. Our innovative question styles link to vocabulary development stages and are aligned to the national curriculum, providing schools and parents with a go-to resource to secure rapid progress.

Uniquely, the ChatterStars app will provide a ‘vocabulary-age’, enabling schools and parents to track progress. Matching questions to a child's needs, teachers and parents can be confident their children are learning exactly what they need to learn - perfect for KS2 SATs, 11+ entrance exams and improving expression, comprehension and writing for all pupils aged 7-14, across all areas!